The Pirates 2020 Vision

The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates is the team that we believe will show the NRL that we are ready for the big game to once again be played on our shores.

The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates will mean big things for us all.

The big game will bring big dollars, with millions being injected annually into the local economy.

We’ll be part of Australia’s biggest TV sport putting WA on the pirate map through national and international exposure.

The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates will give our young aspiring League players the opportunity to have a career path here in WA instead of abandoning ship and heading to the East Coast.

And we’ll be supporting junior and indigenous development through game mentoring programs throughout WA and the Pilbara.

The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates will bring a whole new level of action and excitement to WA’s sporting culture. We’ll be based at NIB Stadium playing home games against the big names and the big guns of Rugby League and the competition will be fierce.

If successful, we’ll spend the next 2 years recruiting and assembling a formidable Pirate crew and establishing an impressive infrastructure that will be the foundation of a world-class Rugby League Club.

Our cannons are loaded and we’re aiming high. By 2022, The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates will be among the top five most recognised and respected Sporting Brands in Australia.

We aim to have our own state-of-the art training facilities and clubhouse, we’ll have our sights set on competing in the NSW RL Intrust Super Premiership Competition.

They’re big bold plans but we have a great crew in place all we need now is your support to make it happen.